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After-sale Service

Langfeng Microwave After-sale Service Team

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After sales service:
1.product warranty for 3 years from the date of the acceptance of formal, microwave magnetron: 1 year, except consumable goods (sagger,heat insulation barrels), life-long maintenance.
2.During the warranty period if product appear failure, we should be answer within 24 hours after the buyer inform related issues, providing services such as consulting, repair and replacement parts for free. And record on the failure related issues. If cannot be ruled out the fault within 72 hours, will provide free technical personnel door-to-door service, the expenses shall be borne by us arising out of it.
3.During the warranty period, all kinds of equipment failure shall promptly provide free maintenance consulting services to non-human damage of all kinds of parts, supplier shall promptly replaced free of charge.
4.Equipment demand side appears difficult to resolve the fault after the warranty period, our company to ensure the long-term provision of technical services, and provide related accessories.
5.Once the contract is concluded, that is, into an endless after-sales service. Before the equipment acceptance, we will provide related equipment technical data (product specification, certification, electrical specification, infrared thermometer operation instruction, packing list, etc.), free on-site installation and debugging, technical training, until the buyer completely control.
6.After Microwave acceptance, our company will be based on customer needs to do research, professional solutions of microwave equipment related technical consulting, microwave technology development support etc. After the warranty expires, we still provide the technical support, product technology upgrade, spare parts supply, product regular tour service. Make sure that our products, in good condition for a long time.


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